Amphora Vignamasso

Amphora Vignamasso

Toscana I.G.T. Organic

Crafted from a single parcel of Sangiovese, Vigna del Masso is defined by an enormous volcanic stone at the ingress to the vineyard. The wine is vinified whole clusters and undergoes an extended maceration period in amphorae. A rich and intense red wine, deeply respectful of the terroir of origin, with which San Polo confirms itself as one of the most innovative and experimental realities in Montalcino, entirely inspired by the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.


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Climate trend

A year that will be remembered as hot and dry. Spring is characterized by a mild climate with little rainfall. Significant increase in temperatures, with peaks of up to 29°C-84,2°F, in the second half of May. Finally, towards the end of July and the beginning of August, the rains arrived for a total of 140 mm. A decisive event to overturn the outcome of a much-feared forecast for the vintage, favoring a drop in daytime temperatures and considerable night-time temperature excursions which in the following weeks allowed the plants to rebalance the parameters of the grapes. We were pleased to witness a general recovery in the vigor of the bunches which, after months of ho t and dry climatic conditions, quickly swelled, returning to dimensions more suited to Sangiovese, in this last phase of maturation. What was expected to be a difficult and qualitatively not excellent harvest, instead turned out to be a truly excellent harvest. We started the harvest on the 13th of September and finished on the 23rd of September. The grapes of the Vignamasso vineyard were harvested on the 20th of September.

We brought perfectly ripe grapes to the cellar, with thick and crunchy berries that will allow for good maceration.

Grape varieties

Grape varieties

100% Sangiovese



Vigna del Masso


Grapes are selected, and hand-harvested in small 17 kg crates






Whole bunches in amphora with spontaneous fermentation and absence of pumping over and punching down. As soon as the tumultuous phase ends, the amphorae are filled with wine and the maceration is carried out with a submerged cap without external intervention.


In amphora on the skins (submerged cap) until February. After racking, ages in the amphora until the following September.



  • Rubio
  • Rosso di Montalcino
  • Brunello di Montalcino
  • Riserva
  • Podernovi
  • Vignavecchia