Wine stories


Today we begin the first racking off at San Polo winery: starting with...


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Green manure

At the end of September and after the harvest ... it is time for the soil to rest. As sustainability supporters and...


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2021 Harvest

2021 will be remembered as a year of character, dynamic, unpredictable. It began with a...


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Almost there!

Nature offers us clear signals that indicate grapes state of ripeness...


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Small berries, thick skin

This year grapes selected for our Brunello...


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Rains, precious gift

We waited and hoped for it and finally, after a few weeks of high temperatures...


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New vines growing

The new vines are growing very well and, in this period..


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Veraison at San Polo

In today's inspection, we found the first grapes that have...


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Gold Medal for Rubio 2019!

We are proud to share with you the latest results achieved by San Polo wines at Decanter Wine World Awards 2021...


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Today we begin the last work on the canopy, to create the best conditions for...


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Upper-canopy bundling

We have begun the upper-canopy bundling, an agronomic practice which involves...


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First leaves peeling

Today it’s time for the first phase of defoliation. The current phenological phase is referred to as...


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It’s flowering time!

Flowering has begun in the vineyards of San Polo. An unassuming but very important phase in the phenological cycle of the vine...


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Working on the canopy

It is also essential to take care of the wall of leaves and today our focus is working on the canopy. We begin with...


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Tilling between the rows

We have finished working the soil below each row in the vineyards (with vines that are producing grapes) and today we will begin to work on the surface of the soil ...


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Selecting the vine shoots

Today we will select the shoots, a few weeks later than it was usually done in the past ...


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Budding of the vine shoots

The Moscato vines are budding fast! As an early season variety it is indeed very sensitive to rising temperatures ...


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Bottling Day!

Bottling the wine is a very delicate phase of our work and is the culmination of all of our efforts in the vineyard and cellar ...


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Homeopathic approach

From this year onward we are also integrating a vision based on HOMEOPATHY. In fact, we are carrying out some tests ...


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Planting Moscato Bianco rootstock

We are planting the Moscato Bianco rootstock in our new vineyard.
A few days ago ...


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Partitioning a new vineyard

Today we are moving forward with partitioning the plots we will plant in the coming days ...


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Ageing in amphora

In the meantime, the experimental ageing of Sangiovese in amphora continues ...


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Second phase of work in the vineyard

Every day, we carefully observe as the preparatory work for the new vineyard continues. We note its changes and try to understand and anticipate the care it will require.


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Vineyard maintenance

This is the time of year in which we patiently wait for the vine’s sap to resume, and in the meantime we focus on the everyday maintenance of the vineyards.


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Dry pruning

It is time for dry pruning, one of the main tasks in the vineyard during the winter months and fundamental to vineyard management.


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Planting cover crops

We have been looking forward to this day with great enthusiasm. The team is still exhausted from the harvest but today they are ready for another important component of vineyard care: cover crops.


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Deep tillage of the new vineyard

We move forward with our work on the new vineyard’s soil. Now is the time to proceed with more profound tillage after the ploughing in October.


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Ploughing the soil for a new vineyard

The harvest was completed only a few days ago, and we are already enthusiastically returning to work for another important project: uprooting an old vineyard and preparing the ground for a new one ...


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