Tranquillity, silence, peace of mind

Every experience is like a new journey to discover the flavours and aromas connecting us to our land. It’s a path towards the discovery of San Polo’s beauty in all its forms: from the vineyards to the cellar to the outstanding products. Discover every one of them and book now.

Imagine a magical place, where the beauty of pristine nature is everywhere. A place away from the stress of the city, where you can find yourself, where every corner holds a special experience and every experience becomes an unforgettable memory. San Polo is this special place in Montalcino, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. From the cellar, vineyards, and tastings, it is possible to savour this truly unique terroir’s many expressions, enjoy the warm family hospitality, and establish a close relationship with the surrounding nature. Our wines come precisely from this interaction with the land, which gives perspective on the role humans play in their relationship with the world and beauty itself.


Let the words of our winemaker guide you on an extraordinary journey to discover Sangiovese’s many expressions as a grape variety which finds its ideal environment in this corner of pristine nature. Technical tastings, tastings from the barrel, vertical tastings of historic vintages: a personalised experience just for you.

Vineyard Tour

Starting from the Guest House, we will walk together through the most picturesque areas of the estate, passing through the Podernovi vineyard to reach its highest point, which has a breathtaking 360° panorama and is located directly above San Polo’s underground wine cellar.

Flavours of Tuscany

The passion for local cuisine and home cooking is enhanced by the attention paid to sourcing the finest ingredients. The finest traditional dishes are best savoured in the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the estate - from the tasting room to the veranda of the Guest House, as well as by the pool or in the vineyard for a delightful picnic.


A Guest House where exceptional hospitality is a priority. Rooms have refined, elegant, and sophisticated interior design, where nothing is left to chance. Each of these spaces is the result of an attentive and respectful approach to the surroundings, primarily focused on the view and the room’s luminosity. You can let go of all thoughts and find true peace of mind in our rooms.

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