Rosso di Montalcino

Rosso di Montalcino


Rosso di Montalcino is a wine with its own unique identity and a strong personality. This wine’s style highlights the freshness and integrity of the Sangiovese from this terroir and balances intensity with an immediate appeal.


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Climate trend

The number of clusters was ideal and not excessive. A cool, wet spring delayed flowering by a few days, thus delaying the expected harvest period by at least one week. An ideal summer that was hot but never scorching allowed veraison to proceed evenly and quickly. The bunches were sparse and well positioned and there was no need for thinning except in some areas of more vigorous than average growth. September began with abundant rainfall which cooled down the vineyards and replenished water reserves, thus enabling the Sangiovese grapes to achieve full ripeness. The beginning of the harvest, in the last few days of September, took place in ideal conditions. Fresh, almost cold nights allowed the grapes to reach the cellar at low temperatures, while the warm, sunny days enabled the later-ripening vineyards to ripen fully. This vintage was a bit ‘old style’, with a decidedly late-harvest compared to the norm in recent years. Even the wines are reminiscent of a more traditional style: acidity, finesse and elegance are the characteristics that this vintage will be remembered for, which is also perfectly suited to prolonged ageing.

Vintage rating

Grape varieties

Grape varieties

100% Sangiovese



San Polo


Grapes are hand harvested in small 17 kg crates during the last days of September



750 / Magnum



Soft pressing of the grapes after careful selection of the bunches


12 months in lightly-toasted large barrels (2000 L and 4000 L). Bottle-aged before market release


In concrete tanks

Malolactic fermentation

In large barrels - 2000 L and 4000 L



Decanter Magazine

Soft bricky red - surprisingly developed colour. A little volatile on the nose but this is a sample. Dry and leathery - not sure this is in great condition. (JH)

4 grappoli


Light ruby. Sweet gentle red fruit on the nose and just a touch of leather. Gorgeous harmony of fruit, gentle texture and charm and freshness. Totally enchanting and drinkable. Juicy finish. (JH) 13%

  • Rubio
  • Amphora Vignamasso
  • Brunello di Montalcino
  • Riserva
  • Podernovi
  • Vignavecchia