17 July 2022

Vineyard update

Vineyard update

During the summer season, it is very important to take care of the vines maintenance, arranging the clusters and slightly thinning, where necessary. As every year in this period, in San Polo the bunches are being positioned in order to be free and do not interlock with each other with shoots, threads or leaves.


In this moment of the phenological circle, we are in pre-veraison: the shoots are completely ripening, and the stems are losing the green color.


Even if temperatures are constantly rising and the rains are totally absent, the plants are in good health, thanks also to the help of algae and protein extracts, used to limit transpiration and prevent water stress. To help maintain lower temperatures, kaolin is also sprayed to whiten the leaf wall and clusters.


Thermal excursions, typical characteristic of this area, is very helpful in this case: despite the daytime heat, during the night temperatures drop, giving relief to the plant and helping it to overcome this difficult phase.