18 January 2024

The vineyard is alive!

The vineyard is alive!

The plant is alive and it can happen that the vines periodically die, the replacement of these devices is essential to keep the vineyard "alive".

To make these replacements we use special cuttings for two reasons:


1)      Use of the same clone, in fact, the nurseryman has taken the material for the scions from every single vineyard in which we carry out the replacements, in this way we do not insert new clones but maintain the genetics of the same plants that make up each plot. This allows us to keep the San Polo characteristics intact, and therefore the plots with vines

older. These scions were then grafted onto the rootstock and grown in the nursery.

2) The cuttings are grown in the nursery until they are 3 years old, in this way, they have a more consolidated structure and have more reserve substances (they have a more developed root system, and most of the reserve substances are in the roots). This allows the seedlings to take root much better in the vineyard, considering the great competition they will have to face, given by the older plants that are already in the vineyard.


To further help the new plants, we insert soil into the holes which will facilitate the initial development of the root system, and an earthworm humus which will provide organic substance to the cuttings to promote its growth.