16 October 2022

Let's start from the soil

Let's start from the soil

Once the harvest is over, there are numerous activities that need to be conducted on the field for the good maintenance of the vineyard.


First of all, we focus on working the soil by conducting ‘subsoiling’, a particular agronomic operation in which we de-compact the soil without turning it over and modifying its layers, so as to respect its composition and not cause alterations to the microflora. After this, we distribute an organic fertilizer in pellets, which transfers organic matter to the soil and revitalizes the microbiological component. Being cold-pelleted, the microorganisms contained in the pellets are kept alive and therefore, via this sort of fertilization, we introduce vital and active microflora into the soil.

Once the fertilization is completed, we go on to fine-tune the soil, lightly turning the fertilizer under the soil in order to prepare the seedbed for the green manuring that will be carried out in a next few days.


This year we have slightly modified the mix of selected seeds, raising the percentage of legumes to introduce more nitrogen into the soil, and increasing the amount of seeds distributed per hectare, so as to have a greater biomass.

After a vintage under such special conditions, the goal is to reintroduce more nitrogen and organic matter than usual into the soil, with the aim of helping the vines to store the reserve substances that will prove so precious for the next year.

At the same time as sowing green manure, we are also planning to introduce mycorrhizae to the soil, a complex of fungi that establishes a symbiosis with the roots of plants, helping them to absorb water and nutrients.