21 June 2022

Leaves removal

Leaves removal

In San Polo we started to remove some leaves from the vines. In the wall facing east or north, depending on the orientation of the vine rows, the basal leaves, positioned under the bunch, are manually removed. This activity is to ensure that, at that point, the vine gets as little sun as possible, and only in the coolest hours of the day.


This type of very delicate activity aims to clean the bunches of floral residues, exposing them to the air but not to light, and is essential for positively influencing the microclimate in the area where the fruit is positioned.


Thanks to the leaf removal, in fact, ventilation and low humidity conditions are created, favoring the health of the plant.


At a phenological level, despite the climate of the last few days having led to a rise in temperatures with no rain, our vines are growing well and luxuriant, despite being slightly earlier than a canonical season. The leaves removal will therefore be a further contribution to the correct development of the bunches.