16 February 2022

Late pruning

Late pruning

Pruning ... a delicate and fundamental activity, almost holy. A really important moment for the vine, fundamental help for the correct growth of future shoots.


For some years, in San Polo we have adopted the Simonit & Sirch method, a pruning technique that preserves the health of the vine, extending its life cycle and productivity. The method consists in always pruning on young wood with a slow and precise approach, an operation that basically brings two advantages: in addition to preventing wood diseases, it gives value to old vines, increasing the quality of their yields.


Why have we decided to postpone it this year? We will explain it to you immediately. Unfortunately, climate change causes great modifications in the natural growth process of the vine: the increase in temperature in the winter season, in fact, causes an early budding of the plants. The small and shy buds peep out thinking they are in spring, but sudden frosts risk damaging them.


Although San Polo stands on a hill with a privileged position, where the temperature is mild and the winds caress and protect the shoots from the cold winter, we have decided to protect ourselves and prevent this inconvenience with a non-invasive method that accompanies the development of the plant in this climate scenario, now changed. By delaying the practice of dry pruning for a month and a half, in fact, the plant postpones its budding of a couple of weeks, avoiding the harsh temperatures that often occur towards the end of winter.


A further example of how man's work must respectfully follow the needs of the vineyard ecosystem, adapting to its changing needs with simple but fundamental strategies to protect its healthiness.