26 May 2022

It's flowering time!

It's flowering time!

Warm but breezy days and cool nights. Flowering has begun in San Polo, the time of year when you can breathe the enchanting hints of the vine in the air as it prepares to express all its scents. A real show for the eyes and the nose, but with a fleeting nature, because it is going to last just over a week.


This year's flowering currently enjoys an ideal climate and gives us particularly luxuriant and green vegetation, with very good shoots growth in relation to the stage of development in which the plant is located.

With the persistence of warm and dry conditions we expect that, slowly, the growth will start to slow down in relation to the availability of water. Should any rain arrive in the next few weeks, the conditions would become ideal for an excellent continuation of the season.


In these days, in San Polo, the beauty of the colors of the vine is combined with the purple of the flowers of the Facelia, a plant belonging to the brassicaceae family, which we use in the green manure of our vineyards to decompact the land thanks to its taproots, or roots which develop vertically, downwards.