08 March 2023

How to prevent the "tignoletta"

How to prevent the

We started the preparation of the land and the positioning of the capsule  to spread pheromones for sexual confusion

About to interventions on the ground, we work it by moving the land in order to make it soft and not  compacted. In this way we promote the root activity of the vine by stimulating the development of new roots that will help the plant during the season.

Sexual confusion capsules are useful for preventing the presence of "tignoletta" in the vineyard, which, if not controlled, cause various damages to the bunch. Their action consists in the diffusion of pheromone which makes it impossible for the male to identify the female, the result is the deposition of infertile eggs which therefore will not give rise to the birth of the new generation.

It's important to avoid the presence of the moth instead of having to fight it with treatments that would have a negative effect on biodiversity in the vineyard.