24 August 2022

Almost ready!

Almost ready!

Here at San Polo the season continues and we are approaching the final stage of the grapes ripening, the most important for a late variety such as Sangiovese.

Thanks to the recent abundant rains, which have brought 140mm over the span of a few weeks, the conditions in the vineyard have suddenly change: we have witnessed with great pleasure a general recovery of the grapes vigor which, after months of warm and dry climatic conditions, they swelled quickly, returning to a size more suited to Sangiovese in this last phase of ripening.


Thanks to this new and much happier agronomic situation, we have recently decided to proceed with a second thinning in the vineyards.

In the first step, done in mid-July, we focused on arranging the clusters so that they were free and not "tangled", but we had not unloaded the plants too much as the conditions were very hot and dry and, therefore, we would have caused more harm than good.


In this second step, however, we return to the vineyard to thin out in the points where the production load would be excessive: this is the ideal moment, the veraison phase is completely finished, from now on the plant can no longer grow the berries for cell multiplication and, therefore, there is no risk of breaking the berries on the bunches that remain after thinning.


Although most of the season was very difficult due to high temperatures and a lack of water, the conditions are now very good. And also this year we are ready to find out which wines this vintage will give us. Stay tuned!