04 October 2022

2022 Harvest

2022 Harvest

This harvest is drawing to a close and, with winemaking proceeding in the cellar, we are beginning to make an initial assessment of this 2022 vintage.


The word that characterizes the season that just ended is definitely AWARENESS. With this harvest we realized, finally, that the climate is not just changing, but it has already changed and will inevitably continue to do so in a major way, causing significant impact on the daily management of our vineyards. The biggest challenge we will have to face in the coming years will be adapting our viticultural practices to the new climate scenario, which presents us with new problems that require innovative solutions.


During 2022, despite a season that was by far the hottest and driest in recent years, our vines were able to exhibit resistance and adapt, managing to yield ripe, balanced bunches, with impressive concentration stemming from the heat of the vintage, accompanied by excellent levels of acidity.

The initial tastings reveal characterful wines that demonstrate structure but also verticality. We are convinced that these wines will succeed in amazing us even more in the years to come.


Every vintage gives us the opportunity to gain experience in experience and learn new awareness. This 2022 vintage has taught us that a perfect combination of vine resilience, the supreme suitability of our terroirs and daily commitment to vineyard care, provide us with the tools to deal with and overcome the challenges posed by climate change: fundamental factors in our ability to continue producing great wines that express the vocation and identity of this fantastic winegrowing district.