15 July 2021

Today we begin the last work on the canopy, to create the best conditions for the final stage of grape ripening. Let's go to "grind" and sort the vineyard to avoid clusters tangled between clusters and threads / leaves / females. In this way, the grapes are well arranged and spaced, and the microclimate of the cluster band is perfect. On this occasion, we lightly leaf through the side facing east in the basal part, to slightly expose the bunches to the sun, as well remove some grapes, where necessary, to have a balanced production. This is the last step before the harvest, carried out in the pre-veraison phase to avoid working on the grapes in their most fragile phase. Later on, we will consider whether to carry out the last other pre-harvest operation, the complete leaf removal of the bunch also to the west, to fully expose the bunches a couple of weeks before the harvest, if conditions require it.