Beneath the vines - San Polo Montalcino - Expanding Horizons

Beneath the vines

Our organic approach and unconditional love for this land means we do not use herbicides and chemicals. It is also for this reason we implement a series of endeavors, like taking care of the ground beneath the vines, that give life to the work in our vineyards and counteract the appearance of weeds. In this case, tilling means minimal inter-row ploughing, loosening the soil and creating air circulation to avoid stagnation of water and humidity. This action is performed in the spring during the vine’s period of maximum root activity and also discourages the growth and development of unwanted plants that can grow between the rows. This action is not carried out beyond the topsoil. The dirt is moved in line with the row and transferred towards the center, thus creating an area of non-compact soil where the roots develop better and water and nutrients become more easily accessible. Shortly before summer we proceed with tamping beneath the vines. In this operation the soil is brought back between the rows to cover the foot of the vine. This extra attention shown to our vines once again facilitates soil aeration, avoiding unnecessary stress during an important phase of the phenological cycle. This operation means the grafting point and the root system are protected from high summer temperatures.